Spiderman Skateboard Buying Guide & Top 3 Reviews for 2017

Who doesn’t love the Amazing Spider-man? He’s the Marvel ultimate superhero. He saves everyone and the fact that Peter Parker is just a regular kid, albeit one with super powers makes him so special. Kids want to wear Spiderman masks and want the latest video console games. Well, another thing that is surely going to become a firm favorite with kids of all ages is getting a skateboard with him on it … well that’s just going to add to the fun, right? With so many different options it may seem difficult to find just the right Spiderman skateboard deck or complete skateboard, but you can definitely take a look at these Spiderman Skateboard Buying Guide & Top 3 Reviews for 2017 and see why they’re so great.

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What You’re Looking For

Trying to find a skateboard for your child isn’t always easy, but if you know what you’re looking for you can definitely get off to the right start. So, just where do you want to start on searching for a good skateboard?

Fully Built

When you’re looking for something for a child you definitely want a fully built board. When they start getting older and want a specialty board you can start building one but when they’re just starting out it’s definitely better to start simple. A fully-built board isn’t going to be amazing quality and it’s not made for the more advanced tricks and capabilities, but it’s more than enough for just getting started and learning some of those tricks. The size of the board you choose doesn’t matter too much at this stage of the game (though it will later on as well).

Skate Deck

The deck should be made with about 7-ply (or slightly more). This is a type of plywood which could be maple or a range of other materials. You want 7-ply at least because it’s sturdy enough for you to ride comfortably without feeling like it’s going to flex or break under you. A little heavier board can be a good idea too but it may make the board a little more difficult for tricks and speed, so be careful about anything that seems too thick.


You need larger wheels that are going to help you move quickly and you’re going to want harder wheels, though that depends on where you’re riding. Harder wheels are good for areas where there are not so much in the way of terrain problems. If you’re riding in a skate park, for example, hard wheels are good. If you’re riding on streets or sidewalks with a lot of cracks and rocks you may want to go with a softer wheel that gives you plenty of grip. Good quality wheels are the most important thing and the part of the skateboard that you’ll want to splurge on if you’re going to buy anything special because they take the most abuse.

Spider-man Street Flyers Skateboard

The Spider-man Street Flyers Skateboard is inexpensive and great for children who want to get started riding. It looks great (which is always fun to show off to your friends) and it provides a whole lot of traction when they’re standing on the board. You get really good wheels that look fun at the same time and the board isn’t too long for a younger rider. This is an excellent board for training on and the PVC wheels are tough enough to take some pretty stringent abuse as well.

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Lightweight with composite trucks and strong grip tape, you’re definitely getting a good skateboard for a moderate amount of money. If your child is just getting started this is a great board for them to try out and learn with. It’s definitely going to help them feel more comfortable when they get out there.

PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man Skateboard

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This 28” Ultimate Spider-Man Skateboard definitely has a lot to offer the budding Spider-man fan and it does it with a full-size skateboard and a low price. This board features great Spiderman graphics on both sides of the board, with everything you’re looking for in a high-quality skateboard. It has a 9-ply maple wood deck along with composite trucks and carbon steel axles so you won’t have a problem with moving quickly. For those who want to do tricks, it’s a double kicktail design to make that even easier and to help you with some of the braking as well.

Ideal for any rider over 5 and under 110 pounds, this board is definitely one that your kids are going to love and the inexpensive price means that it’s something you’ll love as well. It’s not considered a training board, but actually a trick one, so your kids will be able to do anything they want with this one.

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PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-man Cruiser

For those kids in the middle between our first and second option, there’s the PlayWheels Cruiser. This board is 21” and has a 9-ply maple deck but it’s a single kicktail rather than a double. This makes it easier to control and actually makes it easier to brake when you want to as well. It has nylon bearings and composite trucks with steel axles so it’s strong enough for children around 5-10 years old. It can hold up to 100 pounds and definitely lets your kids get a good idea of skateboarding for themselves.

This board also has a low price and uses a special type of grip tape to make sure that your child can stay right where they want. It’s great for helping them balance and making sure they have their feet right where they need to be in order to ride.

No matter which one of these Spider-man skateboards you choose (or even if you choose a different one entirely) you’re definitely going to be happy with it. There are different styles out there and different looks plus you can always customize your skateboard to fit whatever your personal style is. So, take a look at these and then keep looking because you never know what you’re going to find out there. You may be surprised at all of the choices and so will your kids (or whoever is going to be using that skateboard.

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