First Appearance Of Venom

1st Venom App Panel

With Sony announcing they are going to release a Venom movie, the First Appearance of Venom is going through the roof. Here are the key issues to look out for.

1st Cameo App Venom Amazing Spider-Man 299

The very first person to be known as Venom was Eddie Brock. His 1st appearance was Amazing Spider-Man 298 which also happens to be Todd McFarlane's first time working on Amazing Spider-man. This book is a sleeper that can still be purchased for a decent price. Imagine what having Todd McFarlane signature and CGC graded would do to it's value.

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1st Cameo App Venom Amazing Spider-Man 299

The first cameo appearance for Venom is Amazing Spider-Man 299.

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First Appearance Venom Amazing Spider-Man 300

Amazing Spider-man 300 is credited with being Venom's First Appearance. It also happens to be the 25th Anniversary issue of The Amazing Spider-man. This is iconic cover created by Todd McFarlane has been copied many times on other comics including Todd McFarlane's own image comic book Spawn.

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BONUS! The rarest version of Amazing Spider-Man 300 is the newstand edition. This is the copy to own, especially if you can find it in high grade.

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Created by David Michelinie and Mike Zeck, the symbiote known as Spider-man's black suit would later become Venom first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 (May 1984). While not actually Venom, it is still a key issue in the Venom Saga.

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Original Published on Sep 7, 2008 @ 15:43