“Spiderman Shoes, Trainers & Slippers for Kids: Buying Advice & Top 8 Reviews for 2017”

Ah, buying shoes. What parent doesn’t love spending money on footware? But any foot doctor will tell you that the foot is the most hard-working, complex part of your body. Feet carry the weight of the entire body, and there are 26 bones in there (as well as a quarter million sweat glands!). What you put on your kid’s feet matters, not only for their confidence, but for how they feel at the end of a long day of fighting crime, solving problems, helping their parents in the kitchen (ha), and stomping around. There’s no better way to please a kid than buying them a new pair of shoes, slippers, or sandals.

Spiderman. He’s a favorite superhero of boys and girls worldwide. His strip was Marvel’s first comic. Did you know his parents were spies? And that the creator, Stan Lee, came up with the idea of this superhero while watching a housefly make its way up a wall in his office? To this date, there have been 8 different Spiderman cartoons, 2 television shows, and even a play with Spiderman as the star. In the 1990’s, Michael Jackson even tried to purchase Marvel for $1 billion when the company wasn’t doing so well. Why? Michael loved Spiderman, just like your kids, and wanted to play the part of Spiderman in a film. Safe to say, the world loves Spiderman, values his heroic contributions to society, and likes seeing his face. Your kids are the same way. So, why not help them out a little bit by giving them footwear plastered with their favorite superhero?

We compiled these lists with affordability (after all, how long will a toddler really need a shoe, anyway?), comfort (padded soles are key), and overall coolness in mind.

Our Top Choices for Spiderman Trainers

1. Stride Rite Spider-Man Light-Up Sneaker

stride rite spider man light up sneaker image

Who doesn’t love a shoe that lights up? We wish they made these in our size. Obviously the neatest shoe on the list because of those amazing little lights, these Stride Rites would be fantastic shoes for any little superhero. These puppies will knock your kid’s socks off. They have spiderman’s awesome face across the front, a simple velcro strap for easy removal, rubber soles, and mesh sides for ultimate breathability. Four and five-year-olds can put this shoe on without help from an adult, and they function well in any kind of weather. The lights are white, and they can last for quite a while. These are ideal for kids from 4-8 years of age. About $35

2. Marvel Spiderman Boys Hi Top Athletic Shoes

marvel spiderman boys hi top athletic shoes image

These have got to be the coolest shoes out there. We love that they’re made in the US. They’re nice and comfortable, and at less than $30 they don’t break the bank. There’s a neat Spiderman graphic on the side, and enough cushion in the footbed so that your kid’s feet won’t get sore. They’re nice and easy to wipe grime off of. Our only advice? You might want to buy your own laces with these ones, as some users reported the laces were a little flimsy.

3. Marvel Boy's Spiderman Skate Shoes

marvel boys spiderman skate shoes image

These kicks look sleek and elegant (well, as elegant as spiderman shoes can), and are non-marking, made from quality materials, and have padded insoles for those long days of running around. At about $20, they’re also super affordable. That’s the price of a few coffees.

4. Ultimate Spider-Man Boys' Webbed Ultimate Spider-Man Runner

ultimate spider man boys webbed ultimate spider man runner image

This shoe is a stunner, with cobweb patterning and a huge Spiderman face across the front. It’s light, with a huge velcro strap that makes putting them on and taking them off again stressfree. The material is cotton canvas, and the sole won’t leave marks on your floors. You might want to consider buying a smaller size than normal, however, as they do run a little bit large. Users reported that these shoes were comfortable and simple for kids to put on.

The Best Spiderman Slippers and Sandals Out There

1. Boys Spiderman Blue Sport Sandal

boys spiderman blue sport sandal image

These puppies are just screaming to be worn, over and over again. Take them to the beach, to the hotel pool. Wear them in the locker room at the gym, or in the park. They’re simple to wash, made from quality synthetic materials, and they look incredible. What more could you want? (less than $20)

2. Marvel Spiderman Boys' Aline Slippers Slip On Slippers Black

marvel spiderman boys aline slippers slip on slippers black image

Made for the most raucous of kids, these slippers will keep your toddler on his or her feet! Users find that they not only fit snugly, but that they’re super comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and affordable. (less than $30)

3. Marvel Boy's Spiderman Slipper Booties

marvel boys spiderman slipper booties image

These booties look like nothing else around. No laces needed, these slippers are great for running around in a cold house! They’re padded, and around 7 inches tall. The main portion of the boot is quilted, and the sole is stippled to prevent slipping. This is an excellent shoe that’s well made, cool-looking, and comfortable. There’s even a small set of abs across the front. Pair with Spiderman pajamas if you want to go whole hog. (less than $30)

4. Marvel Spiderman Boys' Aline Slippers Slip On Slippers Black

marvel spiderman boys aline slippers image

Put on these slippers, and get ready for an adventure. This fun design will have your toddler grinning all day long. They’re loafer-style, with non-slip soles. We love that you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty; the black fabric doesn’t show grime, and you can always through them in the washing machine. Users report they fit most toddlers well.

Remember, Spiderman shoes are just the beginning. You can also outfit your child with a whole arsenal of Spiderman products, so that they're wearing his face from head to toe. Or maybe you want to branch out and invest in a few different pairs of shoes from different heroes, so that your child can choose to be a Ninja Turtle one day, Superman another, Batman on weekends, and Spiderman for the rest of the week? The world of superheroes is your oyster.

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