Flipping Marvel Secret Wars 2015 for Quick Profit

Or how I learned to embrace the madness of trying to pick a quick flip money maker during the heavily promoted Marvel Secret Wars event.

As I mentioned in my bio, my goal is to learn how to turn a profit flipping current issues and use that money to buy short term investments that I believe have potential payoff in the next 1 – 2 years, then take all of that profit and try to buy some of the true Key Issues that will continue to appreciate. I thought it might be fun to track my successes and failures.

For the Marvel Secret War event, I decided to work on fast flipping opportunities. I looked at pictures of the covers I could find online and decided which one's I thought looked really cool. Previously, I would pre-ordered at regular price and crossed my fingers my orders aren't reversed. I have had this happen several times when I ordered to close to release dates. This time I got in months before the release dates to allow the supplier enough time to order the proper number of copies and to hopefully be higher on their fulfillment list.

On a few of the issues I couldn't find covers, so I went with the cover names that sounded cool, especially if I thought there might be a lower print run for that series. All of this is gut speculation.

I've ordered 29 copies at $145. I actually managed to get them at Cover price minus 15%, but the shipping was a a killer because I chose to ship them immediately, rather than hold off until every issue was released.

I'm betting heavy on action figure covers with popular characters, Skottie Young covers that involve Thanos/Infinity Guantlet stuff and few lower print run Gwen alt's. I'm going with the idea that flipping fast is key. I'm not going for a target profit. Instead, I'm focusing on how well my system works, so I can make adjustments for the next opportunity.

In addition to these orders, I'll check out a few of my LCS's when these are released to see what they have in stock. If I see specific issues selling fast or I find some pristine issues that might get 9.8's when graded, I'll grab a few more.

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