The First Appearance of Spider-Gwen

At this moment, Spider-Gwen is one of the most popular Marvel Comic Book Characters. In less than 6 months since her debut, Marvel is releasing a Spider-Gwen solo comic. I have several theories on why this is and I'll touch on them at the end of this article. For the Casual reader, this is a great story, especially if you are a fan of Spider-man. If you want to learn move about the First Appearance of Gwen Stacey Spider-woman, A.K.A Spider-Gwen and the Value of Edge of the Spider-Verse #2, then you've come to the right place.

First Appearance of Spider-Gwen

Edge of Spider-Verse 2 Is the First Appearance of Spider-Gwen.

Buy Edge of Spider-Verse 2, the First Appearance of Spider-Gwen.

The First Appearance of Spider-Gwen was in issue #2 of the incredible Edge of the Spider-Verse series. Setting aside EoSV #2's profit potential for the moment, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this issue. Without spoilers, it's a tale of selfishness, regret and the constant push for redemption. The characters and story are all to familiar to Spider-man fans everywhere, while feeling fresh and new in a way I didn't expect. If you have not read the Edge of The Spider-Verse Story Arc, you are missing out. It's been a while since I have seen so many new Characters introduced so rapidly. Not to mention the reintroduction of a lot of past Spider Characters.

Spider-Ham Anybody?

Why Is Spider-Gwen so popular?

That is a really good question and I have a few theories.

  • The recent Amazing Spider-man Movie's included Gwen Stacey instead of Mary Jane Watson as Peter Parker's love interest. The recent timing of the movies and the reappearance of Gwen in comics have helped propel her into the spotlight.
  • The Death of Gwen-Stacey in the main Marvel Universe was a big event back in the 70's. It hit you right in the feels and really tormented Peter Parker, pushing him further into personal isolation on his quest for redemption. For me, this feels like a second chance to revisit a long lost friend.
  • She has a modern, edgy costume that lends itself to some very cool, artistic covers. In the upcoming releases, Marvel and a ton of Local Comic Book stores are taking advantage of this by releasing a ton of special Variant Covers for Spider-Gwen #1.
  • The name Spider Gwen has 3 syllables and rolls off the tongue just like Harley Quinn. Ok, so this theory is a bit silly, but it's true. Say both names slowly back to back. Cool, Huh?
  • She appeals to the growing female segment of comicbook readers.
  • She's a blonde bombshell who is a superhero and Fanboys love her because she's easy on the eyes.

Please keep in mind these are my own theories. I may offend a few people with that last theory, but I tend to call it how I see it. If you have a theory of your own, please post it in our comments section.

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What is the Value of Spider-Gwen's 1st Appearance?

The continuous increase in value of Spider-Gwen's 1st appearance is amazing. If you have this comic already and believe it is in NM/Mint condition, you have a few choices on how to make money on it. For the Flipper there is a great opportunity here to enjoy a good read, and flip some comics for fast cash. For the Speculator, there may be an even better opportunity if the cards fall right.

  1. You can flip it ungraded and make a nice and easy profit. I've seen the high quality regular cover hit $100 recently.
  2. You can send it to CGC or CBCS to have it graded and slabbed. If it's a regular cover 9.8, you've dramatically increased your profits as I've seen them going for just under $300. If it comes in at a 9.6, you'll still come out ahead right now. Anything below a 9.6 on the regular cover might not be worth grading at this moment. If you have the harder to find EoSV #2 Variant Cover in a 9.0 or higher, you are going to do really well right now.
  3. You can sit on it on the off chance that Sony will decide to use Spider-Gwen in their currently unnamed Female Superhero Movie. In my book, this is a real long shot. If it were to happen, this comic book is going to sky rocket even higher than where it is today. This is where having a 9.0 or higher regular cover might actually pay off. If Spider-Gwen is in a movie and you have the Greg Land 1:25 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover, you are going to make a killing.

Personally, I only managed to snag a single copy of EoSV #2 from my LCS. I've been sitting on it because I'm not sure it is a 9.8. If I think it could get a 9.6 or higher, I'll send to grade, then sell it. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure I had a 9.8 graded copy. I was fortunate enough to spot a deal on eBay about $25 under the average. Two Weeks later, it had already went up nearly 65%. My goal is to flip the lower grade issue for roughly what I paid for the 9.8, then hold on to it on the chance there is a Spider-Gwen Movie.

Full Name: Gwendolyne Stacy
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Occupation: College Student, Drummer in the Mary Janes
Affiliations: Spider-Army
Archetype:  Hero
Origin World: Earth-65
Created By: Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez (Specifically Spider-Gwen, not Gwen Stacy )


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