Monthly Investment Reports

Welcome to the start of reporting on how my monthly investing is going. These posts will be all about what I did, how I did it and if it was a success or a failure. I will be very open and honest about the decisions I made and how they turned out. I hope by documenting my journey, I can learn and improve in an effort to meet my goals. I know I am putting myself out there and not everyone will agree with my methods, but I think it's important that you understand my motivation.
I do this because I love everything about comics, from the discovery of new stories, to the people I meet, to all of the pop culture that goes with being around comics. While my end goal is about making enough profit to invest in long term Keys, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't love every minute of it. A lot of what I enjoy about this hobby is sharing it with my daughter and watching her eyes light up when she discovers something new. She has joined me on several comic book hunts at my Local Comic Books (LCS) stores and she loves the journey just as much as I do. I also bribe her with comics. 😉

My Goals

  1. Enjoy the Journey and share it with my daughter.
  2. Teach myself how to buy and sell comics for profit.
  3. Update this website regularly and document my investment process to teach others how to do the same.
  4. Use profits from selling comics and this website to buy Key Comics for long term Investment.
tl;dr Goals
1. Make a website about enjoying comics with my Daughter.
2. ????
3. Profit!

My Strategy

I have a 3 part strategy and each step helps me build the funds to feed into the next step. At least, that's how it is suppose to work.

Short-Term Strategy

Determine how to buy and sell quickly for a profit. The focus here is all about cash flow with a quick flip to help build a larger pool of money to buy bigger investments. Most of this is done with new hot ticket comics and variants or discovering a buy tip right before something takes off./

Mid-Term Strategy

Determine what is going to be more valuable between now and 2020. The focus here is all about getting ahead of the curve and using it to make a larger profit than I would from quick Flips.  The Mid-Term is also about determining what the next set of Long Term Investment Key's are and buying them before they become too expensive to afford. This would include Bronze and Modern Keys that could be the next major long-term investment.

Long-Term Strategy

Buy A Key Long Term Investment Comic. The focus here is all about buying the holy grail of comic books. These comics are so important and hard to find that they will always continue to appreciate, even if slowly over time. What I call a Key Comic may change over time, but for now it revolves around 1st Appearances of Silver Age Heroes, Villains and Teams that are deeply rooted in our Pop Culture.
tl;dr Strategies
1. Buy Low, Sell High
2. ????
3. Profit!
Since this is my first post about my journey, I wanted to cover everything up to March, then March and April in separate posts. Until March, I had made what I thought were several major comic purchases. To be honest, after a few months of focusing on what it takes to be successful at comic investing, I now see I failed a lot more than I succeeded. I purchased quite a few mid-term holds that I may try to sell down the road. However, I expect to lose money on a lot of them, especially buying CGC 9.8/9.9 copies of Locke & Key Welcome to the Lovecraft, based solely on limited movie speculation. My best bets are 9.8 copies of the 1st Appearance of Miles Morales, The Ultimate Spider-man and the 1st Appearance of Silk including the Humberto 1:25 Variant. Past that, I don't have a lot to show for my choices.
Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. I hope you will take a moment to comment about your own experiences, both good and bad and tell me what you hope to get out of reading about my adventures in Comic Book investments.
Next time, I'll dive deeper into March 2015. My first month of rapid decisions and wild speculation gone wrong.

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