First Appearance of X-23 Laura Kinney

1st App of X-23 Laura Kinney NYX 3With the recent release of the new Wolverine movie titled Logan, X-23 has hit the mainstream spotlight in a big way. X-23 was first created for the animated series X-Men Evolution before showing up in a comic. Even then, she was a comic creator experiment with the first appearance of X23 in NYX #3.

NYX which is short for District X, New York was an edgier more experimental series with a small 7 issue run. The character we see in NYX #3 is very different from the Movie and the animated series. as she is a prostitute and not a member of the X-Men as she was in X-Men Evolution.

Much like the Movie Logan, this is not a comic book for kids. However, if you are a fan of X-23, this is her first appearance and well worth buying.



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