Best Comic Book Frames Including Tips and Ideas for Mounting

Best Comic Book Frames Including Tips and Ideas for Mounting

What is the best way to display your high-value comic books? That is the question. Actually, the entire question goes a little something like this: what is the best way to display your high valued comic books so that your friends can go green with envy while your precious X-men #1 remains in mint condition?

X-Men #1

Well, there are a few things we know for sure:

  • You want to keep them away from direct sunlight
  • You want to keep them away from indirect sunlight
  • You definitely want to keep them away from fluorescent light

Basically, the most high-valued comic books are things that should be kept in a bank safe somewhere behind an impenetrable vault door that requires a human sacrifice to open. However, that would not be any fun.

Why in the name of all that is good and artistic would you want to spend $40,000 on that rarely seen Adventure Comics #48just to keep it locked up in a dark room somewhere? You would want to showcase it and that is where we introduce comic book frames and mounting.

Adventure Comics #48

Dynamic Ways to Display Your Comic Books

Whether you have a specific room just for your comicsor you want to display them in an artistic fashion around the house, you will need some way of framing and mounting them.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve that all the while keeping your precious slabbed comics in mint condition.

Customized Comic Book Frames

This is by far one of the most practical, and preferred comic book storage and display methods available. If you are going to go to the trouble of tracking down that precious comic book, then there is a good chance that you will want to display it in a manner that showcases your own taste and style.

Custom framing for each specific high-valued comic you acquire is an excellent way to honor and cherish the artwork.

While you could easily come up with your own designs and have someone make it for you, the easier option is to buy them online or from your favorite comic book store.

You can get:

“Two in One” Adjustable Wall Mount or Shelf Stand

Two in One Adjustable Wall Mount or Shelf Stand

Triple Graded Comic Book POD Frame CGC CBCS Wall Hanging Display

Triple Graded Comic Book POD Frame CGC CBCS Wall Hanging Display

Inline4 Graded Comic Book POD Frame CGC CBCS Wall Hanging Display

Inline4 Graded Comic Book POD Frame CGC CBCS Wall Hanging Display

Double Comic Book Black Wood Glass Wall Showcase Frame  


Double Comic Book Black Wood Glass Wall Showcase Frame


These cases work for both slabbed and raw comic books depending on your particular style. The one thing you need to remember is that when you are ordering or even building it yourself, you should always go for the stain colored glass type and the glass should be UV resistant and offer UV protection.

Acrylic Wall Mount Comic Book Frames

Adisplay frame is an option for those who are looking for affordable ways to display their graded comic books. The mounts involved here are not only inexpensive, but they are also very simple to set up,and they look great as well.

One of the best things about choosing this option is that you can multi-purpose them into a safe storage method. You do not have to mount the comics to your wall if that is not what you are after; with the acrylic wall mount option, you can use the comic book wall display frame as a holder to securely keep your graded comic books upright on your shelves.

Tri-Fold Comic Book Display

A tri-fold comic book display option is perfect for those who have a sizable collection of comic books. It is a sort of bulk way to display your collection. The only problem with this option is that none of your comic books will stand out.

Therefore, this may not be the best option for those precious high-value collector comics, but it is a perfect solution for your regular collection. They deserve some love too.

How to Keep Your Comic Books From UV Light

If exposed to UV light, your comic books will fade with time thus robbing them of that beautiful mint look. That is why you always have to buy a UV light protector film. The best types assure you of 99% UV protection from harmful UV rays.


Additionally, they help prevent damage such as scratches and scuffs. One of the best things about these UV protector films is that they are easy to apply and are quite affordable. You can also reuse them in case you upgrade your comic book collection.

Other Comic Book Wall Mount Frame Options

When it comes to comic book frames, the options are really as varied as your imagination and creativity. The idea is to have the basics in place:

  • A sturdy frame
  • High-quality protective glass
  • UV protector film
  • A way to mount it

There are some excellent options online,but as already mentioned, the best option is to custom make your own. However, if you are looking for aready-made comic book display frame, then you could choose interesting and intriguing options like:

  • The BATFRAME (designed as the Batman logo)
  • Single POD frames (these are sturdy and simply designed)
  • Comic book frames with accompanying statue
  • A frame and statue display case that stands as a table

You could also always build your own frames by buying the desired materials and putting them together (hint: only do this if you are confident in your carpentry skills).

Tips on How to Keep Your Comic Books Protected

The very first line of defense when it comes to protecting and preserving your comic book collection is to find the right frame. There is, however, a lot more to this than just buying a fancy frame.

The most important tip you can get is to be careful with the handling. This is an important aspect of the comic book preservation chain. When reading your comic books, you are bound to rip pages, bump some corners and probably get some stains on them.

Should you happen to buy a near mint condition comic book, always go for the ‘bagged and boarded' option from the store. This will keep your comic book in as near a mint condition as possible. This way you do not have to worry about creasing or fingerprints that could very well cut down the value of your comic book by half.

With the right frame, you can easily and stylistically display your high-value comic books without worrying about damaging them or smudging them when your friends come over to admire your collection.

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