The 5 Best Pokemon Book Bags on the Market in 2017

Shopping for a Pokemon book bag or Pokemon lunch bag for the upcoming school year or because you love the characters? Here’s what you need to know.

Pokemon has been around since the late ‘80s so for many 20 and 30-somethings, Pokemon book bags are a throwback to their childhood and adolescent days. The game was first popularized in Japan, but it didn’t take long for its popularity to spread across the Pacific and become a fad in American, too. By the mid-‘90s, Pokemon was tremendously popular throughout North America and Europe, as well as the rest of the world.

The creator of Pokemon proposed his idea to Nintendo in Japan, calling it “Pocket Monsters,” which was eventually shorted to Pokemon. The Red and Green versions of the game were released in February 1996 and within a short time and after a few updated editions of the video game, the Trading Card Game was introduced that same year. A television series followed, which brought Pokemon, complete with Pikachu, into homes around the world.

It didn’t take long for Nintendo America to take notice and in September 1998. Series creators rejected the idea of Americanizing the cute creatures, but the series hero’s name was changed to Ash Ketchum. Within a year, the cartoon and Pokemon cards were also brought to the Western world and Pokemon had exploded in popularity. In addition to the TV show and games, there were also branded Pokemon items, including T-shirts, fast-food items, stationery, candy, wild Pokemon and just about anything else you can think of that would appeal to kids who had already fallen in love with the characters.

Pokemon Go

Years went by and though Pokemon never really went away, its original target audience grew up. They entered high school and headed off to college. Realizing its audience had grown up, but not outgrown Pokemon, a new game was introduced—Pokemon Go.

A lot had changed over the 15 years or so since Pokemon had been introduced to the market, most notably the advent of smart phones and mobile devices. Nintendo capitalized on this by introducing Pokemon Go, the company’s first foray into mobile gaming. In just five hours, Pokemon Go was the top downloaded app on iPhones and eventually ended up with more users on Android than Twitter.

Pokemon Go appealed to a variety of audiences. Fans included young players eager to play mobile games, those who remembered Pokemon from their childhood, and parents with young kids who had once played Pokemon and watched the TV show and could now share the experience with their children. People loved the nostalgia of revisiting their favorite childhood characters and enjoying the latest in gaming. Pokemon was exciting again and was attracting a whole new audience of youngsters.

Though Pokemon Go isn’t still generating the buzz it did in the first few months after it was released, the beloved game still has an estimated 28 million daily active users. Earnings reports show the game makes about $2 million per day.

People love sharing Pokemon Go with friends and family, and other social aspects of the game. Players choose teams within a few days of beginning game play and then battle other Pokemon trainers in virtual reality. The game combines real-world activity and locations, with online game play with players from around the world. Players encounter one another in real-world locations and recently, in-person events have brought players together in cities throughout the world. In July 2017, the Pokemon Go Fest was held in Chicago and attracted 20,000. The event included challenge activities, as well as a variety of other events. The crowd was so large, it triggered technical problems and some attendees were unable to log into the game. A similar event was held in Yokohama and attracted two million attendees.

Embracing Pokemon

Whether you’ve re-captured your childhood memories by playing Pokemon Go with family and friends or you have a child who loves Pokemon in any form, chances are you know there are plenty of ways to bring Pokemon into your home. Branded merchandise allows you to enjoy your favorite Pokemon characters even when you aren’t watching the TV show or playing the games.

Many children and adults would love to have a Pokemon book bag to show off their love for the game. What are five of the best Pokemon book bags on the market this year?

1. The PokemonZoofy Pikachu Face with Ears Backpack

The PokemonZoofy Pikachu Face with Ears Backpack

The Pikachu backpack is one of the most popular options available because so many people love Pikachu. The backpack is 100% polyester and features side Velcro and front zipper pockets. It’s 16 inches in size with plush ears and is made in the USA.

Prices for this backpack start at around $16.

A similar backpack with a Pokemon “puff pocket” is also available.

2. Pokemon Large 17 All Over Print Front Pocket Backpack

Pokemon Large 17 All Over Print Front Pocket Backpack

This sturdy canvas backpack features adjustable padded strap and an all-over Pokemon pattern. It’s 17 inches and is perfect for carrying books, supplies, and travel items. There is also a front medium accessories pocket with Pokeball zip pull. Featured in the pattern are popular Pokemon characters including Pikachu, Squirtle, Evee, and Bulbasaur block design.

This backpack is available for $55.

3. Pokemon Large 16″ Comic Print Front Pocket Backpack – Kids

Pokemon Large 16 Comic Print Front Pocket Backpack – Kids

This backpack features beloved Pokemon characters in a colorful and fun comic book design.

It features a 16-inch dual compartment backpack with adjustable padded straps and front medium compartment with Pokeball zip pull.

It’s available for $29.

4. Pokemon Pikachu Large 17″ All Over Print Front Pocket Backpack – Black

Pokemon Pikachu Large 17 All Over Print Front Pocket Backpack – Black

If you’re looking for a fun Pokemon book bag that’s just a little more grown up, this is a great option. It’s a 17-inch bag with adjustable padded straps and a front pocket for pens, pencils, and school supplies.

The cost of this backpack is $50.

5. Pokemon Backpack Kids, Boys, Girls School Travel Lightweight Bookbag – Blue 16″

Pokemon Backpack Kids, Boys, Girls School Travel Lightweight Bookbag – Blue 16

If you’re in search of a super affordable Pokemon book bag, this is a great option. It’s a light 16-inch bag with full zip front pocket with Pokeball.

The cost of this bag is approximately $12.

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